woensdag 31 januari 2007

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zondag 21 januari 2007

Ski Fever by M_VdM

Dear Readers,

During the summer of 2005, I started toying around with Google Earth 3.0.
As an IT-professional, I had come across it's predecessor 'Keyhole 2 NV' a few years back, and was deeply impressed by it's visualization capabilities, ease of use, speed and stability ...

So I started a little pet-project that would combine my profession (IT) and my passion (skiing).

However, this project ("Ski Fever by M_VdM"), has gotten quite a bit out of hand.
What started out as a modest proof-of-concept, has resulted in a professional (IMHO) quality collection of over 400 placemarks of ski areas around the globe. It has already cost me 300+ hours of my spare time ... and counting.

To date, this whole project hasn't been "published" on the Internet, yet. I didn't want to just "put it on the Internet" (e.g. http://bbs.keyhole.com/) and let it water down !?!

To give you an idea of my "project":
  • I 've prepared a small sample of the data-set (as a GE NetworkLink) on my personal website (see above).
  • Of course, a lot of Placemarks have been omitted in this DEMO ...
  • By contrast: The French "paradiski" area is left unaltered.
  • See the following screenshots: POV over France vs. POV over the Alps

Project: "Ski Fever by M_VdM" -- Features and Highlights:
  • A collection of 400+ GE-Placemarks of ski resorts, ski areas, ski stations, ski domains, ski regions all over the World !
  • Completed countries: FR (200+, using color-codes by www.skifrance.fr), IT, AD, NZ
  • Copyright (c) 2005-2007 Vandermeersch Mario.
  • The data is rigorously divided into folders and sub-folders !
    • e.g.: EUROPE / Ski @ France [FR] / {Savoie / Haute-Savoie} / * Paradiski * / + Les Arcs + / Arc 2000.
    • Legend: (extract)
      • Folder: Ski @ Country [EU] / { (Geographical/Administrative) Region } / * Linked Ski Area * / + Mountain Village +
      • Placemark: Place / Ski Area (Best Know/Commercial Name)
  • Each Folder & Placemark comes with the appropriate URL(s)("www.Offical-Tourism-Office.com") and provides an accurate 3D point-of-view, similar to the one used on the appropriate ski map (where applicable).
  • Where sufficient data and detail were available, the placemarks point to the most important lift installation in the valley / village.
  • Custom Icons and Overlays.
  • Remark: Google Earth 4.0 is still beta software. Some features may/may not work as intended/documented.

That being said, I welcome you to my personal website, here at ski-fever.blogspot.com
Below, you can click my first DEMO-file.
Enjoy ... and let me know what you think of it, please.

GE Download button Download Google Earth 4.0 (free)

Ski Fever by M_VdM (NetworkLink-DEMO).kmz

Yours Sincerely,

Vandermeersch Mario.